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For twenty years I have crafted, curated and cultivated a rich creative life

My PhD research revealed why powerful performances and immersive events are pathways for connected communities.

My comedic plays explore the power of love to unite us.

Yoga grounds everything I do in embodied leadership.

In essence the heart of what of what I do is use creative skills to connect people to each other and themselves.

Drawing on traditions and tools to honour being and doing.

I entertain, educate and inspire on stage, at my writing desk and on the yoga mat.

Explore the spaces below to find out more.


Woman in blue jumpsuit holding hand out like a gun

How I love to tread the boards darlings. Live performance lights me up and comedy is my super power. I have toured all over the world with extraordinary collaborators along the way. Dive in here for theatre, cabaret, and more.

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Woman at desk podcasting

Don’t you just love listening to a good story by a top bird? Six trailblazing women feature in Women on The Edge. A frank and funny podcast about living it large and taking it slow in challenging times.

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Creative Mentorships

Woman at desk with laptop open smiling at screen pen in hand

I have supported a myriad of established and emerging creatives to follow their muse and do that thing that truly lights them up. Are you ready to heed the call and deep dive into your unique creative project? Get in touch.

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Community Projects

Group of people sitting in a circle surrounded by paper

Multi-artform workshops, special events, cabarets, and festivals engage diverse communities, cultivate joy and foster belonging. Community projects are a beautiful way to connect, build -skills and try something new!

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Fast Cars & Dirty Beats - Community Cultural Development

Fast Cars & Dirty Beats conceived by Kate Smith is a site-specific community spectacle that uses large-scale puppetry, poetry, performance and cabaret to tell the story of the beating heart of Bathurst- a tale about Wahluu-Mt Panorama the mountain and what it means to us all. Fast Cars  is both an arts and community capacity building project that explores the importance of belonging and sense of place wrapped in spectacle and celebration. Over two years the project seeks to engage community and professional arts practitioners to develop a highly entertaining show that celebrates who were are, where we live and what makes us tick.

“Your nurturing nature teamed with your curiosity of people and their actions… what a combo! Whenever we speak, I feel like you’re not only deeply listening and understanding, but you go deeper – you ask the questions I would never have expected anyone to ask, and it’s always surprising, challenging, and so, so welcome.”

Nel Kentish, Theatre Director 

“….authentic originality – your creative work is always original. Your humour is original and never feels derivative its clearly is sourced from your authentic POV or respectfully others.  The generous sharing of your spiritual reflection and musings make people feel safe to be vulnerable. Hugely valuable for creative work”.

Libbie TV Executive ABC

“I had the pleasure of having Kate as my mentor for my final project at university. My time learning from her has been invaluable, her passion for teaching, saw us benefit significantly achieving great results in a supportive way.”

Rebecca Keros – Filmmaker