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Work With Me

Why Comedy?

Humour is a powerful tool for collaboration; it disarms, disrupts, and invites us to listen. When we discover, through the use of humour that we share collective experiences, a pathway for deeper communication opens and I take that very seriously.

It’s pretty simple my work is entertaining, informative and inspiring. I use comedy because it is fun, it is a great tool to open up conversation, to invite creative approaches to problem solving and laughter is great medicine.

“Her work is hilarious, and clever, and she develops a unique rapport with her audience. Her academic career and nuanced understanding of the craft has seen her hone her performance practice…” Antonia, GM ArtsOnTour

Can I take you seriously?

My expertise has evolved through years of experience and training in producing, writing, performing and teaching and research across the creative, tertiary and wellbeing industries.

As a creative producer and performer, I create content from concept to delivery and design, and produce live performances and events for international, national and regional touring. I create bespoke learning experiences to mentor professionals through creative processes and projects.

I hold a PhD and research/publish in the areas of performance, creativity and authenticity. As an academic I specialise in communication and performance in creative industries. With 15 years in the tertiary sector I thrive in interdisciplinary environments that bring performance, leadership, and well-being together under the spotlight.

*Disclaimer: You will find yourself laughing. Sometimes at yourself. More than once. It’s the ONLY and best kind of medicine for life’s front and back handers. (Besides a couple of Nurofen and the odd glass of Tasmanian champagne…and a good roast chook. Sorry vegetarians, but I can also recommend my hot potatoes. No that is not euphemism. Or is it?).

Why Yoga?

Yoga creates strength physical and mental. I started practising in 1998 because I was depressed and angry. I started with one class a week. Slowly it transformed my life. I began menstruating properly, stopped smoking, regularly writing myself off and making poor relationship choices. I flourished.

From the inside out. Yoga underpins everything I do. My creative work, relationships, and mental health.

Since 2015 I have been leading seasonal retreats in unique settings. I hold Diplomas in Oriental Philosophy, Japanese Ki Yoga with Jack Marshall and pre and post-natal and restorative yoga from Bliss Baby Yoga,. I engage in regular professional development including workshops with Clive Sheridan, Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers, training with Kathy Scott at The Trailblazery, Rod Stryker and mentorships with Elena Brower.

I am a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia, teaching since 2003.

How does it work online?

You can access my free yoga classes via the  Kate Smith Yoga Youtube link.

Coming Soon- You can purchase the Seasonal Yoga series which provides you with access to materials. All other online content is facilitated using Zoom and Google meetings.

Do you have insurance?

I hold public liability insurance as a SOLE TRADER/ performer/ MC with Duck for Cover and as a Senior Yoga Teacher with AJ Gallagher. I hold a current First Aid certificate and am a registered teacher with Yoga Australia.

Are you COVID safe?

Regardless of whether we work online or in person we can discuss necessary procedures to ensure any event is COVID safe.

Do you have your own equipment?

I have equipment for yoga retreats. Get in touch to discuss the specifics regarding any other event.