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CREATIVE FORCE: A podcast with exceptional women

When COVID 19 moved our world’s inside, perceptions about where we live and work changed forever.

The luxury of online connections seeded the evolution of this podcast exposing me to a global community of incredible women – artists, writers, cultural activists, and Indigenous leaders.

I asked them “What are the creative forces that drive you?”  Every single one of them said  “Where I live”. From New York City to the forests of Ireland, a tiny village in Scotland, the mountains, vast farming plains and lush sub-tropical north in Australia.  For these women landscape – sea, sky, rock and river is the muse that inspires them to make their mark on the world.

I can’t wait for you to meet them.

In Conversation with Creative Women – Ursula Yovich & Kate Smith International Women’s Day, Saturday Feb 29th, 2020

‘This Creative Life’ online masterclass series: Heartfelt Conversations with Wise Creative Women.

Kate discusses a range of perspectives with Mama Creatives  creativity coach Anna Kellerman including; What is the benefit of irreverence during times that are both challenging or flourishing? How/where creativity can fit in to help with deep healing? What can we learn from theatre, performance and the ability to improvise and adapt in everyday life?

You can view the discussion here.