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So the thing about lockdown is, that it really is a mixed bag. We are not by any means ‘all in this together’. I appreciate the sentiment, but sometimes I think it comes from a place of privilege and it could not be more unhelpful. But is it possible to do something that can connect you to sense of collective wellbeing, something beyond the confines of the space or place you are in emotionally or literally? Yes it is possible. You can breathe consciously. As corny as it sounds, it works. The thing about western yoga is that the hot, bendy, bodies get all the love and those of us in the “I am not that flexible, too fat, too old, too fast, too busy, too past it” you name it category think, that yoga is just not for you. Fair cop. Maybe it isn’t.

Yoga is about much more than moving into poses. Yoga moves are simply a pathway.

To stillness in the mind.

To an immediate and simple sense of calm.

Yoga really all about breathing.

Breathing slowly and deeply into the belly activates the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve runs from the gut to the mid-brain and when switched on stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Your rest and digest response.

I have been scrolling more, eating more, ‘liking’ more and moving less. It dulls and disconnects me from the beauty and magic in the space I am in right now. Even if the house is a mess and every one around is driving you nuts, take a minute to focus on something right in front of you that you love. A tree, a flower, the sky out the window.

If like me, sometimes you need tone it down about a thousand try this simple short breathing exercise.

Equal Part Ratio Breath

Breath slowly and gently in through your nose for 5 counts.

Expand the belly as you inhale.

As you breathe out for 5 counts draw your belly in to your spine.

You can do this yogic breathing anytime, anywhere.

Try it. I hope it brings you back into your body. I hope it helps you remember that no matter what we are all in some small way connected.

By one breath.

If you would like to join me for Zoom Yoga – details on my yoga page or DM on insta# katesmithyoga or facebook Kate Smith Yoga