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Community Projects

Are you burning to launch your creative project but keep putting it off? Does the ‘I’m too busy, not good enough or broke’ voice in your head keep stealing your buzz?

Kate is a creative producer who specialises in curating + creating mentorship services that support you to clarify,  launch and level up your creative endeavour. Impactful, practical and nourishing these Creative Mentorship services motivate you to  design, develop and deliver the creative offering you dream about.

The suite of Mentorship services includes a one-time IGNITE session to kick start the creative fire in your belly. The INCUBATE intensive supports you to refine and activate your vision. The CULTIVATE series galvanises you to get serious, level -up and launch and CREATE COLLECTIVE is a one day holistic immersion for groups to optimise creative wellbeing.

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Kate works with poets, song writers, storytellers, screen writers, facilitators, authors, educators, wellness advocates + change makers. Some are experts, established in their fields, some are emerging artists or just starting out. All of them have a burning desire to commit to their vision and create a better world.

Creative Mentorship Services


Recharge your creative endeavour + ignite your potential. This potent session will inspire you to get clear + focus on what it is you really yearn to create or recreate. Kate will support you to coalesce ideas +  make a road map for the next actionable steps to birth your project into being. If you are seriously committed but need a strategy to ignite your plan, a pathway to progress and support to navigate roadblocks IGNITE is for you.

IGNITE is a 75 minute online commitment with a 30 minute follow up call. You will receive feedback + resources + creative practices + handouts + recording for an investment of $255



The INCUBATE series will support you to clarify your creative vision. Have a project but it has stalled? This immersive series supports you to come unstuck and clear emotional road blocks, find practices to reconnect with your inner calling. INCUBATE applies embodied tools to progress your creative dream and your personal growth. If you need a reboot or to refocus your creative idea, this is the series for you.

The INCUBATE series is three x1 hour online calls plus one 30 minute follow up call. After the session you will receive feedback notes + homework prompts + practices + recording. Investment $520



It takes time and focus to launch your creative endeavour. The CULTIVATE series encourages you to consistently show up for your project and for you. Get to know your saboteur and provide strategies to navigate resistance. Find your niche in the creative landscape. Connect to the greater purpose your work is serving and why. Develop your story and brand. Gather allies and supporters to elevate you in the right cultural market. Develop grounded practices to keep you clear and well.

The CULTIVATE programme is a three month online commitment. Six sessions plus one 30 minute follow up call. After the session you will receive feedback notes + homework prompts + practices + recording + exclusive access to a suite of guided meditations + embodied practices. Investment $995



The CREATE COLLECTIVE is a bespoke series to support groups to prioritise wellness at work. Creativity is an excellent tool to access wellbeing and when combining the two personal and professional transformation is at your fingertips. These one day immersions develop grounded practices to keep you clear and well. Foster active listening skills and heart-centred mindfulness tools for greater sense of ease and connection.

The CREATE COLLECTIVE programme is an immersive one day session designed for groups. Online or in person they consist of two x three hour sessions + organic Ayurvedic food (optional).  After the session you will receive feedback notes + homework prompts + practices + recording + exclusive access to a suite of guided meditations + embodied practices. Investment POA.


So how does it work?

The creative mentoring sessions cultivate professional and personal transformation drawing on a range of tailored communication + creative practices. You will navigate creative mind mapping, goal setting, idea generation, storytelling, copy writing, project development, research, campaign delivery, concept development, marketing and PR strategies and deadlines. Each one on one online session is followed up with resources, recordings + prompts to stimulate progress and to support you toward realising your creative endeavour.

Kate also offers a suite of individualised practices designed to

  • Dissolve creative road-blocks.
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Be courageous + consistent
  • Find clarity + refine focus

“Your nurturing nature teamed with your curiosity of people and their actions… what a combo! Whenever we speak, I feel like you’re not only deeply listening and understanding, but you go deeper – you ask the questions I would never have expected anyone to ask, and it’s always surprising, challenging, and so, so welcome.”

Nel Kentish, Theatre Director 

“….authentic originality – your creative work is always original. Your humour is original and never feels derivative its clearly is sourced from your authentic POV or respectfully others.  The generous sharing of your spiritual reflection and musings make people feel safe to be vulnerable. Hugely valuable for creative work”.

Libbie TV Executive ABC

“I had the pleasure of having Kate as my mentor for my final project at university. My time learning from her has been invaluable, her passion for teaching, saw us benefit significantly achieving great results in a supportive way.”

Rebecca Keros – Filmmaker