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Ever heard yourself say “I am not creative”, and secretly thought, “But I could be…” To live a rich creative life takes practice and patience. It is about managing expectations and curly questions about success and purpose. I am a deeply creative person who has had more than nine lives in what I call a cross sector creative life. Creativity takes so many forms and sadly, is easily stifled in a culture loaded with ideas about what equals creative success.

Creative careers are more often than not, non-linear, they do not progress in a logical way and like many things one has to innovate. One of the most satisfying experiences I have had was to be awarded a CreateNSW Fellowship in 2019. At a cross roads in my career as touring performer and writer I wondered what was to come next. Mid-career with a school aged child, I could no longer go on the road for long stretches of time. Nor did I want to. I love my home life, based on a small farm on the outskirts of regional city.

The fellowship saw me dive into a period of deep research and study, to leap forward into the unknown. It has opened up new horizons, oriented me toward new partnerships, cross-sector collaborations and enabled me to spotlight my expertise in new and exciting ways.

A rich creative life comes with a willingness to change, to embrace an open attitude and to take leaps of faith when imposter syndrome comes calling.

Over the past two years, I have been trialling my mentorship offerings with emerging creatives to realise their projects and established creatives desperate for a change; I have connected with grass roots community groups to create connection through a series of creative workshops and secured multiple sources of funding to write and direct a brand new show about Wahluu/Mt. Panorama- an iconic mountain in Bathurst, NSW.

I have cooked and mothered and meditated and pondered and procrastinated.  Essential ingredients to live a rich, creative life abundant and at my fingertips.

If you feel the call to live a rich , creative life; take a look at my mentorships, read the blog about my new project ‘Fast Cars & Dirty Beats’ or get in touch.